BMW X5 4WD Wagon 3.0-Litre Automatic Road Test Report

BMW X5 4WD Wagon 3.0-Litre Automatic Road Test ReportShort Description
The new 3.0 litre six cylinder BMW X5 4WD wagon is a welcome addition alongside the 4.4 litre V8 version as it costs $25,500 less, provides commendable levels of performance, returns better fuel economy than the V8, and still provides most (but of course, not all) of the V8 model’s desirable features.

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BMW EWS Reseter Users Guide

BMW EWS Reseter Users GuideShort Description
This manual will guide you through the installation and operation of the BMW EWS module reset tool, referenced hereafter as the EWS Reseter.
EWS Reseter tool function:
The EWS Reseter is stand-alone unit designed for coding purposes in different type of vehicles manufactured by BMW, that’s contains immobilizer module (EWS). It works through internal service diagnostic bus. Complete list of supported vehicles see in Appendix.

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BMW Engine Oils Service Information bulletin

BMW Engine Oils Service Information bulletinShort Description
Starting with the introduction of the 1999 3 Series (E46), BMW introduced an extended oil change interval of approximately 15,000 miles depending on engine operating conditions. The engine oil change interval of approximately 15,000 miles has been carried over to all 2001 BMW models. However, engine oil should be changed at least once a year. This revision (annual oil change) is retroactive to earlier model years and is included in the BMW Maintenance Plan. To coincide with the increased oil change interval, BMW also introduced “BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil” SAE 5W-30.

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INSTALLATION AND OWNERS MANUAL CLOCK and TACHOMETER MOUNT BRACKET Z9510 for use with R1200 C MotorcyclesShort Description
Read these instructions carefully and thoroughly before beginning work. Before installing the accessory, carefully consider whether one possesses the necessary technical skills (you must know how to access the battery on your R1200C) and workshop tools to complete the installation properly. Otherwise, any BMW Motorcycle Retailer will be glad to install this accessory.

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Crankcase Ventilation System Check For 1994-2007 BMW Engines

Crankcase Ventilation System Check For 1994-2007 BMW EnginesShort Description
All current BMW engines (M42 (from 1/94), M44, M52, S52, M60, M62 and M73 engines) incorporate a pressure-controlled crankcase ventilation system. If oil consumption issues are being diagnosed, this information can be helpful. The crankcase ventilation systems use various crankcase ventilation valves depending on the engine type as shown in Figure 1 below.

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2001-2006 BMW M3 X-Pipe Installation

2001-2006 BMW M3 X-Pipe InstallationShort Description
Precision manufactured using aircraft quality T-304 stainless steel; this system is designed to endure years of heavy use. Installing a Borla Performance Exhaust System on your vehicle will eliminate the restrictive design of the stock exhaust, allowing your engine to discharge exhaust gas easier. The result is more horsepower and torque, longer engine life, and a distinctive throaty growl- all this, with easy bolt-on installation. These installation instructions have been written to help you in the installation of your Borla Performance Exhaust System. Please read it completely before installing your system.

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BMW Owners Manual for Onboard Computer

BMW Owners Manual for Onboard ComputerShort Description
The onboard computer offers you an array of functions designed to foster safety while simultaneously enhancing your driving pleasure. The GPS navigation system frees you from the burden of reading maps or looking for road signs. It will guide you to any destination recorded on your map CD/DVD. The radio, with its superb reception quality, joins the cassette and CD players in providing optimal sound to satisfy every taste while serving up entertainment to make every trip seem short. The computer calculates vital operating data – including average fuel consumption, cruising range on the remaining fuel and the estimated time of arrival. It provides additional safety before driving – for example, with entry of a code number for the engine immobilizer – and during driving – for example, with an acoustic warning tone so that you do not drive faster than you intend to. We wish you an enjoyable driving experience.

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