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Beginners Guide for Autodesk Maya … In this beginners guide we discuss how to build a simple humanoid character and. how to animate it. …

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Beginners Guide for Autodesk MayaIndex
Index 1
Introduction 2
The Interface 3
Main Shortcuts 4
Building a Character 5
Character Animation 5
Building a skeleton using skeleton joints 5
Adding a geometry to the skeleton 6
Adding flexors to the character 6
Duplicating (parts of) the character 7
Selection handles 7
Expressions 7
Rotate plane IK solver rotation 8
Vector constraints 8
Character Nodes 8
Animation: keyframing and positioning 8
Animating the Character 9
Non-Linear Animation 9
Non-destructive Keys 10
Animating a Camera and Aim 10
Maya Embedded Language (Mel) 11
Rendering the scene 12
Creating and texturizing 13
Lighting 13
Rendering 13

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