Tutorial Recursive XSLT

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Tutorial: Recursive XSLT. This tutorial describes sample code that uses recursive XSLT calls and JavaScript to. display an expanding and collapsing tree …

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Tutorial: Recursive XSLT
This tutorial describes sample code that uses recursive XSLT calls and JavaScript to
display an expanding and collapsing tree view of an XML document.
1. Concepts
2. Design
3. Required Software
4. Setup
5. Implementation
6. Resources
7. FeedbackConcepts
One of the strengths of XML as a language for data exchange is its flexibility. An XML
document can be transformed into many text formats, including HTML, PDF, and WML.
This tutorial uses XML, XSL and JavaScript to create an interactive view of a purchase
order. The combined code adds icons and user interface widgets that a user can click to
expand or collapse branches of a tree-style view (also called outline view) of the data in
an XML document.
About XML
XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. Like HTML, XML is a subset of SGML
(Structured Generalized Markup Language), optimized for delivery over the Web. Unlike
HTML, which tags elements in Web pages for presentation by a browser, e.g.
Oracle, XML tags elements as data, e.g.
Oracle. For example, you can use XML to give context to
words and values in Web pages, identifying them as data instead of simple textual or
numeric elements.
About XSL
Unlike HTML, XML can keep the instructions for presenting data separate from the data
itself. The XML tags define the structure and content, and then a stylesheet is applied to

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