ASUS P526 PDA Phone Quick Start Guide

ASUS P526 PDA Phone Quick Start GuideShort Description
1 Power button Press once to set suspend mode or to wake device from sleep mode. Press and hold to turn the power ON or OFF.
2 Jog dial This three-direction jog dial allows you to conveniently navigate through menus without necessarily using the stylus.
3 OK button Press to confirm a command or press to close/exit an open application.

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…Before you can start using your device, you need to install a Subscriber Identity Mode (SIM) card and a charged battery. A SIM card contains your phone number, subscriber details, phone book, and additional phone memory.
Installing the SIM card and battery
1. Remove the battery compartment cover then remove battery. NOTE: To prevent data loss, the device automatically shuts down after you open the battery compartment.
2. Insert the SIM card with its gold contacts facing down and the notched corner oriented to the upper left corner of the slot.
3. Replace the battery into the compartment with its copper contacts properly aligned to the copper conductor on the device.
4. Replace battery compartment cover. CAUTION: Use only an ASUS qualified battery for this device.

ASUS Status icon
The ASUS status icon allows you to easily check and see the current status of the following device components: USB, LCD brightness, Battery power, Memory, MicroSD card, and device storage. To check the status of these components, tap the ASUS Status icon on the Today screen.
USB: Allows you to set the USB connection mode.
Brightness: Tap to adjust the LCD brightness on battery power or external power.
Power: Displays the remaining battery power and allows you to set advanced power saving features.
Memory: Displays the total, currently used, and remaining memory available.
Storage card memory: Displays the total, used, and remaining storage memory.
MicroSD card: Tap to display the contents of the MicroSD card installed. This item appears only when a MicroSD card is installed
Settings: Allows you to select the items to display in this ASUS Status pop-up menu.

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