NetGear Wireless Home Router Setup Guide

NetGear Wireless Home Router Setup GuideShort Description
Wireless connectivity is off until you complete the Smart Wizard configuration assistant. When on, the default Wireless Network Name (SSID) is: NETGEAR with no security enabled. To change these settings, log in to the router and click the Wireless Settings link.

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Troubleshooting Tips
Here are some tips for correcting simple problems you may have.
Once the router is connected, always restart your network in this sequence:
1. Turn off and unplug the modem, turn off the router, and shut down the computer.
2. Plug in and turn on the modem. Wait about 2 minutes.
3. Turn on the router. Wait about 1 minute.
4. Turn on the computer.

Log in to the router and verify the wireless settings.
The Wireless Network Name (SSID) and security settings of the router and wireless computer must match exactly. For example, entering nETgear for the SSID is not the same as entering NETGEAR.
1. Use a computer connected to the router by an Ethernet cable.
2. Open a browser.
3. Log in to the router at When prompted, enter the user name of admin and the password of password, both in lower case letters.
4. Click the Wireless Settings link and verify that the settings in the router match the settings in the wireless computer exactly.

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