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UPnP Implementers Forum Releases AVS and takes Home Network to the Next Level

UPnP Implementers Forum Releases AVS and takes Home Network to the Next LevelShort Description
The home network takes another step forward. The UPnP™ Forum announced the release of version 2 of the UPnP Audio Video specifications (UPnP AV v2), which enable the next progression of the AV-oriented home network. The UPnP AV specifications use the UPnP Device Architecture specifications – the core interoperability technology for all UPnP enabled devices – allowing different companies to build home network products that automatically locate and identify each other without any end-user configuration.

Website: www.upnp.org | Filesize: 21kb
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Pioneering the Ubiquitous Home Network New AMD Silicon Solutions for Phone Line Networking

Pioneering the Ubiquitous Home Network New AMD Silicon Solutions for Phone Line NetworkingShort Description
The introduction of AMD’s first home networking controller will change the way consumers interact with their personal computers. AMD’s new single-chip controller is fully compliant with the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance’s (HomePNA) initial specification for 1 Mbps data transfer over standard telephone wiring. Utilizing the widely endorsed HomePNA technology and leveraging significant expertise in enterprise networking allows AMD to produce a highly-integrated device capable of meeting the growing consumer demand for an inexpensive, easy-to-use technology allowing for the sharing of computing resources among many different PCs. The PCnet™-Home single-chip controller marries Ethernet with in-home telephone wiring to deliver on the promises of home networking.

Website: www.amd.com | Filesize: 213kb
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Home Network Security

Home Network SecurityShort Description
Home computers that are connected to the Internet are under attack and need to be secured. That process is relatively well understood, even though we do not have perfect solutions today and probably never will. Meanwhile, however, the home computing environment is evolving into a home network of multiple devices, which will also need to be secured. We have little experience with these new home networks and much research needs to be done in this area. This paper gives a view of the requirements and some of the techniques available for securing home networks.

Website: download.intel.com | Filesize: 427kb
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Red Hat Linux 6.X as an Internet Gateway for a Home Network

Red Hat Linux 6.X as an Internet Gateway for a Home NetworkShort Description
This page contains a simple cookbook for setting up Red Hat 6.X as an internet gateway for a home network or small office network. The instructions are very simplified: no special cases will be discussed, and some assumptions will be made about which network addresses are to be used.

Website: www.ibiblio.org | Filesize: 91kb
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Home Network Models

Home Network ModelsShort Description
+ The MIPv6 Home is a subnet on a physical link
+ tied to a LINK due to Proxy ND stuff
+ NEMO: Home Network becomes an aggregation:
- The Home Network IS NOT NECESSARILY contained on a Home Link (eg extended Home Network)
+ NEMO: Home Link can be virtual:
- Virtual Home Network
- When MR does not need to return Home

Website: www.ietf.org | Filesize: 22kb
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Network Setup Guide NEW.pub

Network Setup Guide NEW.pubShort Description
This guide outlines the procedures for networking Schedule Star. Thoroughly review this guide with your network administrator before proceeding. Sharing Schedule Star across a local area network (LAN) gives multiple users simultaneous access to the same data. Since every user is working from a single copy of Schedule Star, networking avoids the confusion and risks of trying to synchronize multiple copies of the program using backup disks. A change made by one user appears almost instantly, keeping everyone up to date on scheduling changes. A view-only mode lets you share schedules while protecting your sensitive data. Your purchase agreement allows for unlimited networked copies with no additional “per seat” licensing fees.

Website: www.schedulestar.com | Filesize: 295kb
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Your Gateway Windows Network Installation Guide PC Card model WBM-120

Your Gateway Windows Network Installation Guide PC Card model WBM-120Short Description
This chapter describes how to install a Gateway wireless Ethernet PC Card on your Windows XP computer and configure Windows XP for a wireless Ethernet network. Complete these tasks in sequence:
- “Step 1: Installing the hardware and software” on page 2.
- “Step 2: Configuring the wireless device” on page 5.
- “Step 3: Configuring the TCP/IP protocol” on page 12.
If you need to install and configure the wireless device for other versions of Windows, see “Windows 98SE, Windows Me, and Windows 2000″ on page 17.

Website: support.gateway.com | Filesize: 2309kb
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